Full and Partial Dentures

Today's dentures are designed to comfortably replace missing teeth. At Hilliard Modern Dental, we seek to provide you with the most life-like dentures available.

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The Benefits Of Modern Dentures

Dentures are an artificial substitute to replace missing teeth and the damaged gums surrounding them. The prosthetic appliance is typically made of pliable plastic materials to provide a close-to-natural appearance. Dentures may be used to help our patients:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Maintain the current structure of the face
  • Retain the proper alignment of the bite
  • Improve speaking and chewing abilities
  • Prevent existing teeth from shifting

What Types Of Dentures Are Available?

Dr. Lamielle provides custom dentures perfectly fitted to your smile.

  • Full dentures replace all of your natural teeth. Also known as complete dentures, they provide a new row of teeth for the upper or lower jaw.
  • Partial dentures fill gaps caused by a missing tooth or a few missing teeth. These dentures are secured to existing teeth with metal, nylon or plastic attachments.

It should be noted that not all dentures are created equally. The composition, fit and materials used all combine to determine the longevity and comfort of dentures.

How Are Dentures Made?

In the event you choose dentures for your care, we will create an impression of your mouth that will be sent to a lab. Your denture is built from durable materials and precisely formed to comfortably fit your smile.

To achieve a life-like fit and look for your dentures, Dr. Lamielle will schedule you for a minimum of three more appointments. These appointments will allow us to make adjustments and properly train you to care for your new artificial teeth. Your dentures will need to be periodically adjusted throughout their lifespan so that they continue to fit your changing smile.

Are There Alternatives To Dentures?

Yes. In most cases, Dr. Lamielle feels that fixed bridges or implants can be used as a better alternative to dentures. These options typically return the best long-term results for our patients. As always, the decision is yours to make at Hilliard Modern Dental.

Do You Need New Teeth To Restore Your Smile?

If you'd like to discuss the options available for restoring your smile with custom dentures, schedule an appointment to talk with us. We will help you make an informed decision for your smile.

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