Digital X-rays

At Hilliard Modern Dental, we use digital radiography to capture extremely detailed x-rays. The result: You see exactly what's happening with your oral health.

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Going digital

We believe that the best patients are informed patients. Capturing modern digital x-rays allows us to invite you into a collaborative experience during your appointment. Using high-resolution images, we can see with remarkable clarity the conditions present in teeth and bone

Why digital x-rays

  • High resolution images
  • Results seen in seconds
  • Ability to zoom and enlarge the image
  • Precise diagnostics
  • Comfortable capturing process
  • Reduced exposure to radiation

Safe and convenient imaging

Traditional x-rays rely on messy inks and uncomfortable capturing technology, giving you a less-than-ideal experience. The outdated technology exposes patients to increased levels of radiation.

Today’s digital x-rays require a very low dose of radiation. In fact, they’re designed around a principle called ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable). The technology is especially beneficial to children who often need frequent x-rays to monitor their growing teeth and gum.

Questions about our digital technology?

At Hilliard Modern Dental, you can rest assured that technology is effectively used to give you a better experience. If you have questions about the technology we use in our practice, please feel free to ask!

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