Clear Braces

Do you want a symmetrical smile? Are out-of-line teeth causing complications when you bite or chew? At Hilliard Modern Dental, we straighten your smile with invisible braces.

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What is MTM® Clear Aligner?

MTM® Clear Aligner is a virtually undetectable way to straighten your smile. We use clear, removable aligners to correct slight misalignments, such as crowding or gaps, gradually moving teeth into the desired position.

The virtually undetectable way to straighten teeth

MTM® Clear Aligner can work for a variety of tooth misalignments, allowing you to achieve your ideal smile without traditional braces. Which means:

  • Clear, barely noticeable aligners
  • No annoying rubber bands
  • No embarrassing metal wires or brackets
  • Remove easily to enjoy your favorite foods
  • Easily clean the aligners in minutes
  • Comfortable fit
  • Less expensive than other clear aligners

What is the MTM® Clear Aligner treatment process like?

The first step to a straightened smile is to meet with Dr. Lamielle. Together, we identify the smile you want to create and map out a custom treatment plan. A technician carefully takes digital impressions of your teeth and mouth. These impressions are sent to a state of the art lab where custom aligners are created to uniquely fit your smile.

Once the aligners are ready, you are invited back to meet with Dr. Lamielle. He will ensure that your first round of aligners fits properly and answer any questions you may have about their use. A hygienist trains in the techniques necessary to properly care for your new aligners.

Ready to experience a straightened smile?

MTM® Clear Aligner may be a solution for most ages - from teenagers to older adults. Are you interested in invisible braces? Call us to schedule a consultation.

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