Diagnostic Imaging

Using state-of-the-art miniature cameras, we show you exactly what we see. It's one of the many ways we inform you throughout the entire treatment process.

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Intraoral cameras

A small, microscopic camera is used to capture high-resolution images of teeth. The captured image is able to be zoomed up to 40 times magnification to pinpoint and investigate problem areas in the tooth structure. All images are displayed on a chair-side monitor, allowing Dr. Lamielle to visually walk you through his diagnosis.

The digital benefits

Intraoral images mean a better patient experience. Advantages of this technology include:

  • Pain-free, minimally invasive procedure
  • Early detection of oral health problems
  • Increased interaction during the appointment
  • Printable images
  • Visual support to make your diagnosis easier to understand
  • More accurate record keeping

Questions about diagnostic imaging?

With high-definition technology we can not only diagnose problem areas quickly; we can act proactively to substantially protect your smile. Do you have questions about the technology we use throughout our office? Give us a call today!

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