Soft Tissue Laser

At Hilliard Modern Dental, we are happy to offer safe laser technology in the course of your dental care. A soft tissue laser may be used to replace a scalpel in some surgical situations.

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Why laser dentistry

If you experience discomfort or anxiety surrounding dental treatments, laser tools provide a remarkable alternative. Dr. Lamielle skillfully uses a soft tissue laser to:

  • Reshape gum tissue
  • Lengthen the appearance of teeth
  • Reduce the appearance of a gummy smile
  • Provide more room for a crown restoration
  • Remove tissue folds without sutures
  • Eliminate speech impediments with laser frenectomy
  • Fix restricted tongue movement

With a soft laser tissue laser, drill-free procedures are often performed without anesthesia. Patients can typically expect a faster healing time than they might expect from traditional procedures.

Want the most modern dental care?

Very few dentists own a soft tissue laser. We are happy to offer the technology to provide our patients with the very best dental care available. Schedule an appointment or contact us today with questions.

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