Zoom® Teeth Whitening

Do you want a younger looking smile? Would you like to brighten your teeth for a more confident smile? We are proud to offer Zoom® Teeth Whitening at Hilliard Modern Dental.

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The Measured Whitening Approach

Professional whitening treatments can immediately improve the look of yellow, stained or aging teeth. The process is comfortable, convenient and pain-free.

  • A hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth
  • A comfortable guard will be used to cover your lips and gums
  • The Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to your teeth
  • A special UV lamp will be directed to the surface of your teeth
  • After 15 minutes, we will repeat the above process

Depending on the shade of whitening you want to achieve, the process above may be repeated a few times in a single appointment. Once we've accomplished the whitening shade desired, we apply a special fluoride paste onto your teeth to reduce sensitivity.

How Zoom® Whitening Works

This accelerated bleaching process occurs by applying a 25% hydrogen peroxide whitening solution onto your teeth. As the peroxide breaks down, it drives oxygen into the enamel to bleach out stains.

It should be noted that your teeth may become extra sensitive during the procedure and you may experience minor tingling immediately following the procedure. This is normal and will resolve quickly after your appointment.

Enjoy Zoom® At Home

Prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort and convenience of your own home? We provide professional strength take-home whitening trays that are far superior (and safer) to the over the counter options at your local drugstore. Simply schedule an appointment to come in and discuss your whitening goals with our team. We'll outline a whitening plan, teach you how to best use your kit, and send you on your way to a whiter smile!

Ready For A Vibrant, Stunning Smile?

At Hilliard Modern Dental, we care about the goals and well being of our patients. If you are interested in a whitening procedure, we are happy to schedule an appointment to help you accomplish your goals.

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