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Simply Clear Aligners

What is the Difference Between Simply Clear Aligners and Braces?

Simply Clear Aligners offer a discreet, nearly-invisible way to straighten your teeth. Their comfortable plastic construction means there are no sharp edges, and the removable trays make it easy to maintain your lifestyle.

Modern technology lets us provide ceramic, lingual, and self-ligating braces for a faster, more comfortable straightening experience. Braces’ wires and brackets may make it slightly more tedious to brush and floss effectively. You’ll also need to limit your diet and avoid foods that could damage your braces.

Contact Dr. Lamielle and Hilliard Modern Dental for more information. We have years of experience making smiles a reality.

Are Clear Aligners Effective?

Many people choose clear aligners for their faster, more effective straightening power than traditional braces. They are highly effective for straightening children’s, teens’, and adults’ teeth. Clear aligners begin working the moment you start treatment.

If you wear your aligners for the amount of time Dr. Lamielle recommends, you’ll quickly see results. Typically, treatment time lasts from six to eighteen months. Depending on your treatment needs, you could begin seeing improvements within a few weeks of wearing your aligners.